Brentford Away Guide: A pub on each corner of the ground and terracing – ENJOY!

The Golden Boys head to Brentford tomorrow for their fourth pre-season fixture as they take on Dean Smith’s Championship side. Here’s a quick guide to everything you’ll need relating to the game tomorrow.


How do I get there?

Today the club have announced to supporters that the train station directly outside the stadium is shut and have provided an alternate route. Here is the information from the club:

“Watford Football Club wishes to make supporters travelling to tomorrow’s match against Brentford at Griffin Park aware that there will be severe disruption to usual train timetables due to RMT industrial action that will affect South Western Railway services.

There will be no service to Brentford prior to kick-off.

The best alternative route may be to take the Piccadilly Line to South Ealing, then taking a 65 bus from there that stops right outside the stadium.”


Where to get the sesh started?

Yes, the rumours are true. Griffin Park does have a pub on each corner and if it isn’t your goal to visit every one prior to kick-off, then I honestly don’t know why you’re going.


The favourite among visiting supporters is The New Inn on Ealing Road, closest to the away end. Skip your way along Griffin Park to meet The Princess Royal then proceed to enter enemy territory at The Griffin before stumbling into the Royal Oak to complete your mission.

Alternatively, if you arrive at Brentford railway station, you can drink your bodyweight in real ale at the Magpie and Crown. Whatever floats your boat.

The Stadia

Oh boy, yer da is really excited for this one. He’s rounded up all the lads from the Labour Club – Alan, Big Dave and Little Jeff – packed all the sarnies and bottles of Double Maxim into the back of the minibus and they’re all off to the Big Smoke. En route all he can talk about is how Griffin Park is a “propa footy ground, it’s got propa terracin”.


It’s also a chance for you to promote your ‘Against Modern Football’ campaign as you’ll be able to take your shots on the old Instagram with your new Stone Island jacket for the season. ‘Propa footie if ya ask me- you don’t get grounds like these no more’.

So grab your pyro and your Stone Island, chuck your pint around and cram yourself into the Brook Road Stand and watch La Javi Gracia’s yellow army produce another fairly bang average away day.

If you’re in the seats above… sucks to be you.

James Dodwell




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