Why Richarlison’s move is a sign of a Football Club growing by the day

After weeks of speculation of a Richarlison move to Merseyside, the deal looks to be set between the two clubs after the 21-year-old was pictured going into his medical at the training ground. The fee has been disputed but looks to be set for a hefty price tag of £50m- higher than the net worth of L*ton Town.

Richarlison snapped heading into his Medical on Monday [Sky Sports News]
Although many supporters around the country will be seeing this as daylight robbery from the Hertfordshire club, instead it signifies what has been an astonishing turnaround at the club since the Pozzo family took reign at Vicarage Road in 2012.

The club value in 2012? £300,000.

Since then the club has been on leaps and bounds, gaining promotion to arguably the greatest football division of all time, reach and FA Cup semi-final, sign endless players that supporters could only envy of and reach a 4th consecutive spell in the league – not too bad for a club that’s “everything wrong with the modern game”.


In previous seasons, let’s say we’ll go back to 2011 when the Golden boys sold prolific goalscorer and fan-favourite, Danny Graham to Swansea City for a fee of £3.5m. It was deemed a huge loss to the club as they were bullied into the deal due to the Golden Boy’s financial situation.

Now we skip ahead 7 years and Watford are the club bullying the ‘bigger clubs’ into deals. Although it’s a great financial deal for the Hornets it is also a momentous occasion for all stakeholders to look at where the club has risen from.

Graham netted 38 times for the Hornets during his two-year spell at the club

Alongside the Richarlison move, the club has said stated that the surprisingly high cost of Richarlison does not cover compensation for the Marco Silva saga from last year – meaning Watford could be swooping well over in excess of £80m+ from the Merseyside club in the two deals.

Although Richarlison has been a key asset to the Golden Boy’s season, he soon became less prolific as it was announced Marco Silva would be leaving the club back in January. Since then Richarlison had failed to score since the departure of Silva and his overall impact in games had dramatically dropped.

Whether or not Richarlison will live up to his future which would tag him with the ‘next big thing’, we’ll have to simply wait and see and although it’s disappointing for many supporters that they won’t find out with the Brazilian in a Watford shirt, he sure does have an exciting future, something that the Pozzo regime were able to spot and pick out and offer him the chance of a lifetime – something that the young player will always be grateful for.

James Dodwell



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